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Friday, March 11, 2011

DEATH AS A FETISH by Starfucker

Death as a Fetish

Portland indie/electro-pop band Starfucker released their new album, Reptilians, March 8th on Polyvinyl.  It seems like I've been seeing their name everywhere lately (probably because it's so damn recognizable), and seeing that I have never heard anything by them I felt obligated to give them a listen.  As the 'indie/electro-pop' band description would suggest,
they're upbeat, synthy, and dancy with lyrics about death...sounds lovely, doesn't it?  The album as a whole doesn't really stand out much to me, but this site isn't about's about sharing.  Here are a couple of tracks that will give you a good idea of their sound.  Dance away.  If by chance you find yourself wanting more, AOL Spinner  is streaming the entire album for free. 

[Facebook | Polyvinyl]

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