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Thursday, March 31, 2011

LIGHTHOUSE by New Villager

Rich Doors

New Villager are a duo of multi-media artists from San Francisco and New York.  They have a pretty interesting back story and perspective on creating their art in a mythological sense and world perspective.  Honestly, it's way over the top for me, but if you're interested you can dive into
it here.  Regardless, the music product is top notch so they can do whatever they need to do if it continues to result in this type of output.  They first surfaced back in early 2009 with their fantastic 7" single for the song, 'Rich Doors,' which combines a lot of different stylistic elements into a thumping, funky, catchy pop tune.  Copies of the 7" are still available here via Two Syllable Records.  I am not sure what took so long, but their debut LP isn't being released until this year.  No specific date for the release has been given yet, but it will be out via IAMSOUND 'sometime soon.'  Their new single 'Lighthouse' is featured above as a teaser of things to come on the upcoming LP.

[Official | IAMSOUND]

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