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Friday, March 4, 2011

[on repeat] MARMELADE KIDS by Dumbo Gets Mad

Marmelade Kids

This one man band has one of the strangest band names I've ever come across, but then again who would have ever thought that names like Oingo Boingo or The Flaming Lips would hit mainstream media?  Actually, speaking of The Flaming Lips, Dumbo Gets Mad similarly uses varying tools, sounds, and creative song-writing to form a modern day
psychedelia of his own.  The album is filled with layers upon layers of soothing and upbeat electronica pop gems that are hard to ignore.  It really is quite a dream to listen to, and has many moments that remind me of Air's Moon SafariDumbo Gets Mad started in Northern Italy and has since migrated to L.A. His debut LP, Elephants at The Door, was released on Bad Panda Records on 2/22.  It is available digitally for free here if you share it through a Facebook or Twitter account, or you can pick up a physical copy direct from Bad Panda, and as usual you can stream the album at their Soundcloud.  In the meantime, grab and listen to two of my favorite tracks from the record above while you're reading this.

For all you mixers out there, the separate stems [download] for the track You Make You Feel are now available for a contest remix. All the remixes will be licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA and the lucky winner will receive: 1 Elephants At The Door LP + 1 Bad Panda T-Shirt + your remix released on a Bad Panda monday. Submit your entry to our  “Dumbo Gets Mad Remix Competition” Group Dropbox on SoundCloud before the deadline. Contest ends April 9th, 2011.  Read more here.

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