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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NO FUN by Brave Irene

No Fun
Good Ideas

The ever so delightful Rose Melberg (The Softies, Go Sailor, Tiger Trap, and solo records) sweeps back into our lives with her latest project...the new band Brave Irene (named after famous Canadian stunt-pilot and dynamite-juggler Irene Reeves).  Melberg was looking to be in a band, looking to
make noise, looking to use her guitar, and looking to use a distortion pedal so she stuck to her guns and delivered eight, wonderfully wistful, quick, high energy, and catchy pop songs about love while inflecting some 60's psychedelia via keyboards and harmonies from all five band members.  The party is over before you know it (just over 17 minutes), but there's plenty of time left to go back for another listen.  The self-titled, LP came out on March 15 from Slumberland Records (buy).

[Facebook | Slumberland]

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