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Thursday, May 5, 2011

ALL TOO HUMAN by Wax Idols

All Too Human
Bat Cave (feat. Hanoi Janes)

Lets keep going with the love for Hozac Records.  Next up is San Francisco's Wax Idols debut single, 'All Too Human' (buy).  The band is the creation of Heather Fedawa (formerly of Bare Wires and Hunx and His Punx, and currently of Blasted Canyons).   'All Too Human' was released by Hozac Records last month in anticipation of the release of the debut

LP (date TBD).  I'll admit, upon first listen I couldn't really tell it was a female singer.  Either way, the power and energy in her voice eventually surfaces to the top and demands you take notice.  The tune is heavy and hearty and loaded with the signature garage fuzz that seeps its way into you, takes hold, shakes you around, and leaves you better for it.  The other song is from a collaboration last year with Germany's Hanoi Janes and it's an upbeat, 80's inspired jam complete with hand clapping and sunshine.  I want to say The Bangles, but should I?  While you're here check out the video for 'All Too Human' below with cameos from local musical comrades like Magic Bullets and Weekend.

[Official | Hozac]

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