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Thursday, December 1, 2011

[interview] Ty Segall

It (previously on CWR)

I recently had the great fortune of having the opportunity to run some questions by the prolific Bay Area rocker Ty Segall.  As can be expected his workaholic qualities continue (to our benefit), and he doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. Keep on reading to see what he's currently up to while he takes a 'break' from touring, and some fantastic news on upcoming collaborations and releases that may be coming sooner than you might have expected are after the jump.

CWR:  The endless touring seems to have slowed down for the time being.  How do you adjust with the change of pace and how do you spend your time 'at home?'

TS:  The only thing I try to do at home is be normal.... Hang out with my friends and family, do laundry, read, sleep more and try to write some music. I love being at home, and you really appreciate it when you are touring alot.

CWR:  It's great to hear that you're working on new material.  You don't seem to ever slow down.  What can you say about the new songs? There was a clear change in tone and direction for Goodbye Bread so how can you describe the new stuff? Any target release dates?

TS:  I am working on three records at the moment... One is a collaborative record with my friend Tim Presley of White fence.... I am really excited for it to be done, we only have to finish two of the songs. Drag City is releasing that one in April or May. The songs are totally different. I am also going to record an Ep on In The Red with Chris Woodhouse who does all of the Oh Sees records. I am really excited for this one because The whole band is going to record the record live in the studio, and we have never done that before. I am also working on a solo LP for Drag City that should be out in August or September... The songs seem to be heavier all around. Still in the beginning stages of that one.....

CWR:  What is the first album you bought for yourself, with your own money, and of your own accord?

TS:  The Cramps - Songs the Lord Taught Us. That record blew my mind when i was 14

CWR:  When and how did you meet your drummer?

TS:  I met Emily In college at a show The Traditional Fools were playing...It took me a long time to convince her to play music with me... but she caved eventually! Emily is a pure cavewomen on the drums. Total basher.

CWR:  Have you read any books in the past year? If so, what are they?

TS:  I just read Helter Skelter. Crazy book. Charles Manson. Wow.

CWR:  What are your top 5 albums in heavy rotation right now?

TS:  Greatful Dead - Live/Dead
Groundhogs - Thank Christ For the Bomb,
Pussy Galore - Right Now!, 
MC5 - 66 Breakout!, 
The Who Sell Out, Serge
Gainsbourg - Initials B.B.

CWR:  That's 6, but more is always better anyways.  So, who do you hold in higher regard, Kurt or Ian?

TS:  Which Ian?

CWR:  Ian Curtis!...oh well.  Is there any one person whose approval you want concerning your music?

TS:  Not really I guess.

CWR:  When are you gonna cry 96 tears?

TS:  When I meet Question Mark.

CWR:  Spielberg or Scorsese?

TS:  Scorsese.

Don't forget to pick up your copy of the recent compilation, Singles 2007-2010, put together by Goner Records, which includes Ty's early singles, hard to find, and unreleased material here.

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