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Monday, March 26, 2012

[on repeat] WHITE ALBUM by The Black Tambourines

White Album
27-25 Blues

The Black Tambourines are a fantastic retro-garage sounding band out of the UK that I will definitely be paying attention to.  They are not to be confused with the similarly named (and highly influential) US band Black Tambourine that released an LP in the 80s on Slumberland Records and just recently reunited.  Both bands are great in their own sense, but the Black Tambourines just released their third EP Chica in Dec, 2011 on Art is Hard Records.  It's somewhat of a British take
on the 60's garage sound with some added swirling guitars and gaze thrown in throughout.  Check out two songs from the EP above, and then head over to their Bandcamp to grab all five tracks for free.  Their other EPs are available there too, but they aren't so giving with those.  

RIYL:  Radar Eyes, Ride, The Spyrals
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