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Thursday, April 12, 2012

[guest mix] GET BENT

Get Bent and CHROMEWAVES RADIO got together to swap guest mixes today.  For those that may not know, Get Bent is a kick-ass blog providing news, reviews, and features about underground garage and punk rock written by and for the fans.  The Get Bent crew is made up of a sizeable team of writers from pretty much all over the place.  They all have tastes quite similar to mine and that must be why I get along with them so well.  Stream Get Bent's playlist from the 8tracks player above, or from the CHROMEWAVES RADIO 8tracks page, and download it right here.  Tracklisting and commentary is after the jump...Enjoy this shit!
You can check out my mix for Get Bent over there or on Spotify.

Pamela, “Desert”
Kristen Berry - ‎Great sun-soaked rock 'n' roll made by super-cool chicks. That pretty much sums it up.

Blasted Canyons, “Get High”
Rebecca Seung - All i wanna do is get high and listen to this song.

Liquor Store, “Banned From The Black”
Joseph Rodriguez - ‎Burning bowls, bongs and blunts. I just wanna have some fun. livin' in this century, whats a man gotta do to be free?

Nightmare Boyzzz, “Go Away”
Joey Genovese ‎- The best song on this playlist.

Catholic Boys, “Psychic Voodoo Mind Control”
Jonathan Anders Markley - Catholic boys are one of the classic garage punk bands and now that dusty medical reissued their psychic voodoo mind control Lp everyone will finally get a chance to rock n roll in trashy loud Midwest style.

Faust, “The Sad Skinhead”
Becca Capers - You see? Faust doesn't need thirteen minutes of jamming to prove the Kraut in their Rock.

White Fence, “The Pool”
Kat Bee - ‎A sensitive barnstormer of a jam from Tim Presley. As beautiful as it is depressingly haunting.

Traditional Fools, “Street Surfin ”
Dario Garcia Garcia ‎- This song sounds like the most important things in my life.

The People’s Temple, “Axe Man”
Zach Braun - This album really grew on me. Tough n' nasty modern psych rock.

Bare Wires, “Now Or Never”
Drew Yuen ‎- This song is better than the one Joey picked.

Crazy Band, “I Like You”
Tiffany Minton - There are few things sexier than a song proclaiming ‘I like you so much. I wanna go to the beach, I wanna feel you up.’ So cool.

Guantanamo Baywatch, “Massage My Taj”
Sonam Parikh - These Portland surf sickos bring back surf in a whole new way. Chest Crawl is tremendous.

Teenager, “Cops But Not”
Burgers Rana - This is the soundtrack to the perfect night of everything your parents tell you not to do.

Cosmonauts, “Motorcycle #1”
Mariana Timony - Fast machines and rock & roll have always made a perfect pair.

Total Control, "One More Tonight"
Paul Biawat - "One More Tonight" was the first song I heard from 2011's magnificent Henge Beat. If more people hear the warped garage punk of Total Control, we'll all be the better for it. 
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