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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Songs of 2012

Here's another year-end list for you to endure.  This past year has been yet another great one for music seeing plenty of new artists surfacing to greater recognition, and some of the more established artists held strong in maintaining their quality, creative output.  Here are 30 of my favorite songs of 2012 in a general order of higher preference the lower you go down the list. The whole playlist can be streamed (and downloaded) at my page, 8tracks, or the always reliable Spotify

Picks after the jump.

You're Too Busy To Love Me
by Orca Team
HHBTM Records

by Legendary Wings
Dirtnap Records

by Pangea
Ghostbot Records and Lauren Records

Groovy Intuitions
by Adam Widener

He's In Stock
by Twerps

Wild Desire
by King Tuff
Suicide Squeeze Records

Young Doctors In Love
by Digital Leather
FDH Records

by Xray Eyeballs
Kanine Records

Impossible Sky
by Woods

A Hermes Blues
by White Fence

Busman's Holiday
by Allah Las

Oh Mary
by Ty Segall Band

Light Up Gold II
by Parquet Courts

Knives On Both Sides
by Ex-Cult

Tumble Down
by Terry Malts

Staring Out Of An Apartment
by Rayon Beach

Chase It To The Grave
by The Babies

Flood Plains
by Boomgates

Go Ahead
by Gap Dream

Messin' Up My Mind
by Fletcher C. Johnson

Right From Wrong
by People's Temple

'The One'
by Andy Human

No Regard
by The Fresh & Onlys

by Royal Headache

by Natural Child

High Fantasy
by Lace Curtains
Female Fantasy Records

You've Got The Critics
by The Mallard

Wake Up/Livin' In Sin
by Crooked Bangs

Holy Geometry
by Blasted Canyons

Roman Tick
by Fergus & Geronimo

by Ariel
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