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Thursday, January 31, 2013

[on repeat] BUSY LIZZY by Warm Soda

It' no secret that Bay Area stalwart Matthew Melton has a severe penchant for crafting some of the most sugary sweet, 70's inspired power pop songs that you'll ever hear, and the former Bare Wires front man proves it exponentially with the release of the debut LP, Someone For You, from his new band Warm Soda. Matthew's critics may blow it off as
formulaic or too simple, but truth be told there is not one single bad song on this record regardless of how seemingly simple the tunes may be. The fuzzed out guitar frantically chugs along as we've come to expect and the hooks are everywhere. There should be no guilt in loving a well crafted, straightforward pop song regardless of where it comes from. Charles Bukowski pointed out that critics will blow off simplicity because it may be against what they think, but the art of simplicity is amazing in itself. Check out the title track above as well as one of the many other burners on the LP, which is out now on Castle Face Records (buy). 

by Ariel
RIYLGentleman Jesse, Kelley Stoltz, Bare Wires
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