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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[on repeat] SHAPES OF A MANNEQUIN by Useless Eaters

Seth Hutton is the brainchild behind Nashville's Useless Eaters and while touring with Jay Reatard he clearly picked up his work ethic of putting out as much music as possible. After last year's flurry of four releases, which included C'est Bon LP, a couple singles, and the excellent EP, Black Night Ultraviolet, I've been looking forward to the release of the new
LP and that treat will be hitting the streets on February 19th. The LP is titled Hypertension and is being released on Jeffrey Drag Records. The band's 4th LP continues along the same creative path that Seth Hutton has been charging on all along and refining his classic punk sound by clearing away the hazy layers and throwing some of the rawest, scuzziest rhythms and hooks that you've heard alongside some new wave tendencies. The only drawback to the LP is that many of the songs aren't all new.  All four tracks off the Black Night Ultraviolet EP, 'Addicted To The Blade' off the 7" last year, and 'A New Program' off another 7" last year made their way onto Hypertension, but that doesn't take away anything from the overall stacked set of Sutton's style displayed on this record. 'Shapes Of A Mannequin' is one of the new tracks on Hypertension that you can stream above, and it's impossible to not re-post 'Black Night Ultraviolet,' which has definitely been on of my favorite songs over the past few months. 

Keep an eye on Jeffrey Drag Records for pre-orders of Hypertension soon. 

by Ariel
RIYL: Heavy Times, Nice Face, Mind Spiders
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