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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[on repeat] WHITE CROSSES by Population

HoZac Records has unveiled yet another gem lurking in the Chicago music scene in Population, a 5-piece that harken back to the glory days of post-punk/goth and all of its dark and glorious furiousity.  The upcoming release of the White Crosses EP marks the band's first on HoZac after their demo and self-titled EP on BLVD Records that is now sold out.  Population make no qualms about wearing their influences on
their sleeves, but when it's done this well there's no reason to hide anything.  The three new songs on White Crosses (as is the case with the three songs on the debut EP) take you back to the days where record players and cassettes were all you had and your images of the band weren't taken from the internet.  The images were self-created in your head from the sounds blaring out of your headphones, and Population eminate the eeriest of toughness and teenage angst with its edginess, destructively pulsing bass, and cold, gloomy synths.  Check out the driving forces above of the title track 'White Crosses' and the fantastic 'Blood & Ochre' both from the forthcoming EP. You can pick up this great 7" over at HoZac's store.  Their Bandcamp has 'name your price' copies of their demo cassette and a Winter Tour Cassette for $2 once you feel the need to go deeper and darker.

by Ariel
RIYL: Bauhaus, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy
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