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Thursday, September 12, 2013

[on repeat] JACUZZI BOYS by Jacuzzi Boys

Domino Moon

This blog is only a little over three years old, but if there has been one constant since the beginning it's been my immediate love for Jacuzzi Boys. In fact, they were the third post on here...but fast forward to 2013 and the trio out of Miami that released their debut LP, No Seasons, in 2009 as just another band in the burgeoning garage scene has branched out with the release of their third LP, which is self-titled and released yesterday from Hardly Art Records. Their excellent 2nd LP, Glazin', from 2011 polished up the lo-fi sounds from the debut and maintained the high level of vintage garage energy, but the new LP sees them setting their dependence on the standard garage pop hook to the background to highlight a more crafted cleaner, focus on the songs, sounds and tempos. There's no denying that Jacuzzi Boys are associated as a fun, energetic party sound, but on this record in particular there are more moments where they ease up on the throttle a bit with varied grooves, a cooler laid back pace, and slick production that clearly sets a focus on the mood of each song. The 'Boys' are clearly growing up and it's turning into a wonderful thing. It was clearly obvious after the entrancing lead single, 'Double Vision,' was released a couple months ago in advance of the LP. They will be coming to L.A. on October 15 with King Tuff at The Echo, which is definitely a show that should not be missed (tickets). 


by Ariel
RIYL: King Khan & BBQ Show, Harlem, Mind Spiders
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  1. Jacuzzi Boys is not bad, I really think this post does them justice however. Review: